3 Days First Aid at Work

Course Overview

This course provides learners the skills and confidence to respond to a range of accidents and first aid emergencies they could encounter in the workplace.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for people aged 16+ who work in high hazard environments such as construction, manufacturing or agriculture. It is suitable for organisations whose needs assessment identifies a requirement for additional first aid training (e.g. due to having employees with a disability or medical condition). First aid at work certificate is valid for three years.

Course Content

As specified in the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981

  • Learners are taught skills to help someone who is:

    • Unresponsive and breathing
    • Unresponsive and not breathing (including the use of an automated external defibrillator/AED)
    • Having a seizure
    • Chocking
    • Bleeding
    • Suffering from shock
    • Burnt
    • Feels faint
    • Has been poisoned
    • Has a head injury
    • Has hypothermia or heat exhaustion
    • Is having a medical emergency:
    • Heart attack
    • Angina attack
    • Stroke
    • Asthma attack
    • Severe allergic reaction
    • Diabetic emergency
    • Has an injury to a bone muscle or joint (including spinal injuries)
  • Learners are given information on:
    • Dealing with an emergency
    • Assessing a casualty
    • Monitoring a casualty
    • Where to get help
    • Electrical incidents
    • Accident recording and reporting
    • Controlling of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)

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