½ Day Risk assessments for Designers

Course Overview

The course will provide delegates with an increased understanding of the requirements necessary for compliance with the CDM Regulations and with particular emphasis on Designers responsibilities.

Experience gained across the construction continuum of the large multi-disciplinary project as well as the small refurbishment contract, which provide an insight into the emphasis of the Approved Code of Practice.

It will develop the theme of statutory compliance compatible with the Health and Safety Inspectorate’s enforcement policy and the need for the Design Team to provide a proactive and visible contribution to health and safety management.  This will include reference to the hierarchy of response and will consider the mechanism and documentation for discharging legal duties.

Who should attend

Architects, Structural Designers, Landscape Designers, M&E Designers, Specialist Designers, CDM Co-ordinators, Construction Professionals, Contract Administrators, Project Sponsors and Stakeholders.

Objectives and Course Content

To provide a basic appreciation of and competence in, Construction Safety Management, selection of contractors competence, co-operation and administration.

Objectives and Course Content

  • Appreciate the structure of the CDM Regulations and the way in which all parties to a construction project are involved
  • Understand the implications of the ACoP
  • Understand that CDM complements existing health and safety law
  • Recognise the implications that CDM will have on your design processes
  • Comprehend the discharge of designer’s duties
  • Focus on design risk assessment strategy
  • Develop compatible design management systems
  • Consider design interaction with other duty holders
  • Appraise the provision of suitable and sufficient information

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