½ Day Health and Safety for Directors

Course Overview

This course aims to ensure that health and safety is appreciated by people at the most senior level who are responsible for determining their organisation’s safety policy.

Who should attend

Those at director level, responsible for health and safety: Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Chief Officers, Directors and Senior Managers.

Objectives and Course Content

To increase understanding of:

  • The legal responsibilities with regard to health and safety
  • The principles and importance of the risk assessment process
  • The moral and human costs/the implications of decisions made in the boardroom
  • The economic implications of an unsafe working environment
  • Appointing competent health and safety assistance and the limitations of such an appointment
  • The basic tools of introducing a proactive health and safety culture

Course Content

  • Director’s responsibilities
  • Health and safety planning
  • Financial implications of health and safety
  • Recognising the need for competent health and safety assistance

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